Terms and Conditions

You (clients, customers, and Patrons)expressly bind with the website’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. In addition, if you do not agree to the terms and conditions, you may proceed and leave the website. For more information, or if you have any question query, you can contact us at:

General terms and conditions

  1. We bear no liability for the medicine and drugs purchased from our website. It is the responsibility of the customer (s) to seek health care personnel advice before buying from our website.
  2. All the prices/ rates of the medicine are subject to change, and we have the sole discretion for the same.
  3. All product images available on the website are only for reference purposes. We are not responsible for the changes in the packing of the drugs. The product may differ from the actual medicine that you receive.
  4. The information provided on the website is only for general and reference purposes, and by no means should it be replaced by health care professional advice and consultation. One must take medicine should always be taken as per the prescription of your medical practitioners.
  5. WE reserve the right to refuse, refute, reject and cancel orders without notice. However, payments made will be refunded within two to three business days.

Account creation

To buy medicine from our website, you need to have a registered account on this platform to avail of the services and use certain website features. To set up your account, you will be asked to fill in general information, including:

  • Name 
  • Gender 
  • Email id
  • Phone number 

You will receive the verification and post verification; you can access your account and access services and offers available on the website.

It is your sole authority to operate the account, and it is your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality, log-in details, and other credentials of your account.

You shall be liable for the actions undertaken through your end, and we do not own any responsibility for the same.

In case of any unauthorized account activity from your end, You must inform us of any unauthorized use or other security breaches. We insist our users log out each time you end a session. If you fail to comply, WE are not liable for any loss, damage (direct and indirect) incurred on you if you fail to adhere to these terms and conditions.


We have a layered security system, and your information and details are safe with us. We are SSL secured websites(Encryption technology) for safeguarding your information and data. The information you provide is safe and secure, and nobody will steal the data, including your debit and credit card details.

Price of the drug 

We have the sole discretion to make any changes ( increase and slashing ) rates of medicine, including discounts, offers, and coupon codes, with or without prior notice and intimidation. It is pertinent to keep oneself abreast with the price changes on the website. 

Feedback AND Communication

You are always welcome to give us your feedback, and you can put comments on our services, privacy policy, and general feedback. We are eager to hear from you, and you can leave us your comments and feedback as we strive to improve our services. You can reach us via email[       ] and our team shall get back to you at the earliest.